New European Media Ltd.
New European Media Ltd
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United Kingdom

Registered in England and Wales with company number 6317293
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Introducing the leading Romanian newspaper in Germany:
Ziarul Românesc Germania is a non-political, cultural, social, independent fortnightly newspaper, that addresses the needs and concerns of Romanian nationals in Germany.

Publisher: Federica Gaida
Email:  [email protected]

Editor-in-chief: Sorin Cehan
Email:  [email protected]

Editorial: Do you have a story or a picture you want to send us?
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Tel.  +49 69 904 7541 20
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Distribution: Do you want to request the delivery of copies of Ziarul Românesc Germania print edition to your local business, library or cultural center?
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The minimum order that we accept is 50 copies. Orders must be for 50 or multiples of 50. Delivery will be arranged for a minimum fee in order to cover print and delivery charges.

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